Meet My Network: #inspired5280 MeetUp Group

* Meet My Network is a monthly blog series where Alyce highlights outstanding individuals within her network to share their professional and personal accomplishments *

Three years ago my existing business model was failing, I had no clear direction and I could barely answer the following questions, “Who’s your ideal client and how do you specifically help clients?”  I realized that in order to build a thriving business I needed to niche my coaching + consulting practice.  

After several months of going back and forth on different ideas, I ultimately decided to niche the business around networking and business development. This wasn’t something that magically came to me one night and the next day took off with flying colors. In fact, after deciding that I was going to call myself a Networking Coach + Consultant I was so afraid of what people were going to say that I knew I needed to test my content and more importantly feel out the market in a hands on approach. Voila, enter #inspired5280 MeetUp Group.  

In the Spring of 2015 I took a leap of faith and created #inspired5280 MeetUp. The goals of this group were twofold: 1. Create a high value, safe and facilitated networking experience for professionals in an already highly saturated MeetUp market and 2. Test the market to see if my content was something professionals actually needed to help boost their productivity and confidence. Turns out that both of my goals were met and they continue to drive the existence and purpose of this group today.

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I’m proud to say that today #inspired5280 is a thriving group with over 1,000 members! What makes this group different are the committed members and the respect everyone shares with one another. #inspired5280 MeetUp has been and continues to be a place where people come together to practice various networking skills and strategies.

Over this past year so many talented professionals have shared their time by educating the group around specific networking tools and strategies and I want to highlight those individuals now. You can click on their name to check out their LinkedIn profiles and connect with them!

Noah Madison - Director at TEAMWORx Health

Ethan Merk - Director of Sales at Apostrophe, Inc.

Beth Klepper - Founder, Mainstream Video Production

Danielle Menditch -  Founder, Inner Compass Coach

Joyce Feustel - Founder of Boomers’ Social Media Tutor

Scott Maloney - CEO at BowTie

Todd Doleshal - Financial Advisor at Ethos Financial Partners

Jacqueline Battista - Financial Advisor at Ethos Financial Partners

Like many businesses,  I’ve taken the slow and steady approach to build something that ultimately serves people in a meaningful and lasting way. I can say with full confidence that #inspired5280 MeeetUp, and its amazing members have been central to my overall success and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of this group. My deepest gratitude to everyone who has come, participated, taught, and shared meaningful feedback with me.

In a world that can feel so isolating, I’m beyond grateful to know that the members of #inspired5280 are there to hold me up and push me to continually improve and become the best version of who I am.


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Alyce Blum