Networking Coaching + consulting

Alyce Blum is a gifted facilitator. I have been part of a couple of discussions she has facilitated and have marveled at her ability to stimulate discussion, encourage participation from everyone there, and inspire the attendees to commit to making changes that will help them to grow personally and professionally.
— Joyce Feustel - CEO at Boomers’ Social Media Tutor
If you want the expert on the secrets of dynamic networking, talk to Alyce. She graciously presented “Create an Effective Elevator Pitch, Starting with Why” for us at Workforce Boulder County recently. I was impressed with Alyce’s elevator pitch formula that turns the traditional elevator pitch on its head and transforms it into a powerful first impression.
— Deb Blankenship - Employment and Training Specialist at Workforce Boulder County

Strategic networking workshops

As a recently transitioned veteran, Alyce’s expertise has been immense in helping me determine the next steps. The presentation Alyce gave at my MBA program on strategic networking gave me a great framework to become effective at networking. I highly recommend Alyce, she brings an unmatched level of expertise to the field of professional coaching.
— Gage C. 11-Month MBA Program at CU Denver
Alyce brought practical, real-world insights and tools to help MBA students learn how to network effectively as they begin the next stage of their careers. Her enthusiasm and approachable style made this workshop particularly impactful to the group. She practices what she preaches, and makes networking a fun topic to discuss.
— Jill Lohmiller, Manager of Strategic Outreach, 11-Month MBA Program at CU Denver

professional mastermind groups

After two years and almost $100k spent pursuing my MBA, I graduated and still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Alyce really listened to what was important to me and helped me focus on how I could apply that to a career that really fulfills me. Now I have a great job that I enjoy and challenges me and finally feel like I am on track for a rewarding career and life.
— Mike S. Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley 2013
Alyce Blum gave a dynamic, educational, and extremely helpful presentation at our annual Wellness Week where we had over 25 participants. Alyce shared how to align your values with your everyday actions so that people can begin their year in a more focused manner. She spoke to a diverse audience ranging in ages from 22yrs old - 63yrs old and delivered the presentation perfectly. I know everyone in attendance left empowered to place value-driven goals into their daily lives. Alyce!
— David Jacobs, Co-Owner of Level 3 Fitness
Working with Alyce is like working with your best friend but only 10 times better! She is an amazing intuitive listener who asks just the right questions at the perfect time to help you move forward and past your blocks. I have grown leaps and bounds with Alyce’s help. You will not regret one hour spent in Alyce’s practice.
— Alisia P.
Alyce creates such a warm environment for self-exploration as a vision and goals guide. She leaves space and time for our own inquiry, as well as offering honest and thought provoking feedback for us to grow and expand. I would recommend her to anyone looking to live their ideal life.
— Christen Bakken - The River Power Vinyasa Yoga
Throughout our time together, I learned a great deal about myself: I singled out my most important values, I learned how to change my perspective, I challenged myself to make difficult choices. With Alyce, I felt heard, understood, validated, and comfortable. These feelings lead to increased confidence and and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Thank you Alyce for being my coach and my guide, I am so grateful.
— Sarah E.