Meet My Network: Reagan Freed

* Meet My Network is a monthly blog series where Alyce highlights outstanding individuals within her network to share their professional and personal accomplishments * 

When you hear the words ‘HR’ or ‘HR Consultant’ what comes to mind? For many of us we think of someone who’s in charge of hiring, firing, benefits, company parties etc; but what I can tell you is that a truly specialized and effective HR consultant is deeply ingrained in business operations and has a lot more knowledge than what you might think. 

To jump start the new year there’s no higher quality person I’d like to introduce you to than Reagan Freed. I met Reagan about a year and a half ago and quickly came to realize that she was not just kind, thoughtful and easy to connect with but super savvy in the HR world. In 2016 Reagan started her own HR consulting business called Solvere HR Consulting and they work with small businesses and non-profit organizations to provide thought leadership on people strategies as well as hands-on support throughout the employee lifecycle. 

Before starting her own business Reagan was an HR Executive with Sitel Group, Comcast, ECC and CH2M (formerly CH2M Hill). She has experience working in the United States and internationally in Europe, Middle East, Australia/New Zealand, Liberia and many countries in Asia. She is recognized for being a multi-talented and versatile problem-solver with a proven track record of increasing employee engagement and enhancing leadership capabilities that directly impact bottom line results. 

The name of her business, Solvere, means solutions in latin and this not only perfectly sums up Reagan’s approach with clients but is also one of her strongest qualities as a fellow entrepreneur. Recently, Reagan and I met to strategize our business goals for 2018. Reagan’s main focus during our time together was not her own challenges but she was constantly asking me, “Alyce, how can I specifically help you reach your goals this year?” and she offered countless ideas/solutions that align with who I am and the goals I’m trying to reach this year. 

Don’t just take my word for how generous and knowledgeable Reagan is, check out her latest blog on today’s hottest HR topic: Six Tips for Preventing Workplace Harassment Claims. Click here to learn more about her company and scroll through her HR focused blogs that are high value and easy to digest no matter how much you know about HR. 

Whether you’re looking for specific HR help or you’re looking to connect with a true ‘giver’ who also knows how to set networking boundaries, look no further than Reagan Freed. 

Reagan, thank you for your support and friendship, I truly feel blessed to know you and have the opportunity to refer you. Cheers to you and to all of the success 2018 has in store for you and for your business!

To learn more about Solvere’s work click here!

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Alyce Blum