November 2018 - Meet My Network: Matthew LeBauer

* Meet My Network is a monthly blog series where Alyce highlights outstanding individuals within her network to share their professional and personal accomplishments * 

Community activist, change maker, and valued educator are just a few words I would use to describe Matthew LeBauer and the incredible person he is. For some, Matthew is known by his professional title asa psychotherapist in private practice and was trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW); but trust me he is SO much more than those four letters. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Matthew in 2010 through a philanthropy and leadership training program through Rose Community Foundation called Roots and Branches. During this program we worked side-by-side to address needs in our community and then allocated grant funding. While this program was eight years ago, I have distinct memories of being in awe every time Matthew shared an idea or made a suggestion for the betterment of the group. Simply put, being in Matthew’s presence is really special. 

You see, Matthew is an exceptional listener, and when he chooses to speak his words and his delivery come across in a non judgemental way and land in a soft, clear and extremely effective manner. 

Matthew is committed to serving ALL people and has made it so clear by adding this inclusivity statement on his website:

LeBauer Counseling is a Safe & Inclusive Space.

I am committed to creating an environment that supports inclusivity and respect of all people regardless of race, color, culture, religion, spiritual practice, sex, age, socioeconomic status, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, relationship status or configuration, national origin or physical and mental abilities.

You are welcome here.

As if those qualities weren’t enough he’s also a diligent and gifted artist. He uses art and coloring as a way to release tension and stress and find comfort as a way to “Stay sane in a crazy-making world”. The picture below is just one example of his beautiful work.  

LeBauer Blog 2.png

Matthew has dedicated much of his life to learning and listening about others. While he has received incredible training I also believe that many of Matthew’s best qualities are innate characteristics that he was born with and he has since nurtured to improve and perfect. 

Don’t just take my word for it, click here to ‘meet Matthew’ and you’ll hear for yourself how poised and well spoken he is, even on camera!

Another aspect I highly respect about Matthew is his visibility and voice on social media. He is constantly sharing his thoughts, which are often backed by science or research on the  important world of therapy and the ongoing need for all people to feel safe addressing the stigmas surrounding mental health. Feel free to check out some of his thoughts on twitter by clicking here or going to @findyourmarbles.

If you’re looking to connect with someone for professional support I can’t recommend Matthew enough. I was fortunate enough to work with him back in 2013 and he truly helped me change my life and figure out the next steps for my professional journey. If it weren’t for Matthew and our work together I don’t know if I would be the confident, entrepreneur that I am today. For that and his ongoing support I am forever indebted to Matthew and the wonderful human he is. 

I could easily go on and on about all of Matthew’s accomplishments but I think you’ll enjoy hearing aka reading it straight from him. Enjoy! 

1. Why do you do what you do? Aka how do your values align with your work on a day to day basis? 

I realized the common theme through various early jobs was hearing people’s stories and helping them create a meaningful, fulfilling life for themselves. Then, I found social work – a way to use my networking skills and my creativity to help people access the resources they need to heal themselves and to achieve their goals in building the lives they want.

Two core values in my life are the pursuit of Justice and Repair of the World. These are my guideposts and mile markers; they inform my decision-making and my efforts to create, heal and sustain community. I believe when we have a sense of connectedness and belonging we heal and grow. I am committed to using my privilege to undermining the patriarchy and working for a more just, equitable society. I do this in sessions with my therapy clients and in my larger community.

2. Tell us a bit about your journey that has helped you get to where you're at today?

 I graduated from New York University with my Masters in Social Work in 2007. I was hired for a job at an agency helping families with children with developmental disabilities, such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. I worked there for five years, while getting my license as a Clinical Social Worker in Colorado. I then began building my private practice for supplemental income, seeing clients nights and weekends. With a culture shift at the agency, I found the courage to take the leap into full time private practice. Finding natural jumping off and transition points has been essential to me. And learning from the mistakes when my timing isn’t great. As Brene Brown teaches, regrets like failures are not inherently negative; they are opportunities for learning and growth.


3. How has networking, both personally and professionally helped your business and/or career?

 My entire career is built on networking. I found the agency job that paid for me to move here while I was visiting a friend in Denver from NYC. I was out with him and his friends and one of them said she was leaving her job and moving away. I asked about her job, and went in the next day to interview. My private practice is built almost exclusively on networking. An adage I was taught in grad school says you won’t get the clients you want from advertising – it proved true each time I’ve paid for advertising. Almost all of my clients, especially those who are good fits, come from colleagues, clients, friends and acquaintances – people with whom I have an ongoing personal connection.


4. If you had to pick one networking tip, tool or strategy that's increased your confidence what would you say it is? (ie: utilizing body language, perfecting your elevator pitch, having a strong mental game, knowing the 'right people', following up etc.) 

Networking is not a one-time touch point. It’s an ongoing, growing relationship. Also, handwritten notes to say, “I see you,” “You make a positive impact on the world,” “I respect you,” and of course, “Thank you.”


5. What specific strategies or tactics do you utilize to maintain your various networks?

 First, personalized stationary and brightly colored ink. I also use considered, well-informed, high-quality referrals out to other professionals as a way to foster connections. The more people feel supported by me, the more they will want to reciprocate. It’s human nature to want to be helpful.


6. What challenges or obstacles have you faced along the way and how have you overcome them?

 One of the biggest challenges in psychotherapy is a reliance on being in the seat – there are no sick days, there is no paid vacation. It takes mental fortitude and deep self-compassion to be able to show up in meaningful, healing ways for others, up to 8 in a day, 4-6 days per week. Self-care is an ongoing process to handle these challenges: sleep, exercise, healthy diet, social connections, personal therapy, sensory deprivation tank floats, yoga, travel, reading. I am currently challenged to establish passive income to give some cushion.

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7. What are your 'secrets' to success?

 I have no secrets to my success. I’m an open book. I happily offer paid consultation with other young clinicians on clinical concerns and practice development. Niche concentration and multiple consultation groups have proven very helpful.


8. Where can people find you online or in networking situations to meet you in person? 

 The best place to find me is @findyourmarbles or

Thank you Matthew for your sharing your wisdom with us, it’s truly an honor to know you and have you in our community!

To connect with Matthew directly click here!

Stay Connected, 


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Alyce Blum