May 2018 - Meet My Network: Elke Barter

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There are special people in your life and then there are the super special people in your life and today I’m beyond excited to introduce you all to the one and only, Elke Barter, of Elke Barter Design. Elke is the epitome of kind, thoughtful, hard working, fun and one extremely talented graphic designer. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and click here to check out some of her work! (I dare you to to leave the blog this early on and check out her website :)

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Here’s the thing, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elke as she revamped, rebuilt and redesigned my entire website,logo and brand last year.

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I can truly say that it was an absolute pleasure working with her from start to finish and she is my go-to referral when anyone requests help with logos, branding, graphic design, websites or simply wants to have a professional conversation that oozes with creativity, possibility and results.

Not only have I worked with Elke on a professional level, but I’ve actually known Elke for the majority of my life. Elke and I went to the same elementary and middle school and we’ve stayed connected through mutual friends and now through our work. I think that’s pretty cool, right?

Elke is one of the most humble, passionate and real people I’ve ever known and I’m not alone. Scroll through the ‘Praise’ section of her website and you’ll read countless testimonials that highlight her professional attributes and perhaps more importantly shine a spotlight on her character such as this nugget, “Elke is a joy to work with, personally and professionally.

Before starting her own business in 2005, (yes she’s been a successful entrepreneur for 13 years!) Elke was a Graphic Designer at Harvard University, an Art Director and Designer at PARTNERS+Simons, and a Senior Art Director at Wayfinder. Some of her past clients include AAA, Wells Fargo, Crock Pot, Blue Cross Blue Shield and the city of Boston, nbd.


More recently Elke has been busy working with Enterprise CoWorking in Denver on their branding and yes, Elke is also the brains behind the logo for the coffee shop, RISE, inside the building. If you take a trip to the Bay Area you might be familiar with the logo and branding of Visit Oakland and yes, you guessed it, Elke is also responsible for that creative work as well!


Elke’s process both in working with clients and in creating unique marketing pieces is something that truly makes her stand out from the competition. Her discovery phase involves thorough branding surveys and conversations, competitive analysis, mood board creation, and an iterative process that involves the client in helping create their project together, with the end consumer always in mind.


Before working with Elke I had very little knowledge as to how much behind the scenes work went into creating impactful logos, websites, brands etc. Now, after working with Elke, I’ve realized that not all graphic designers are created equal and I’m beyond confident in saying that Elke and her work represent the highest level of work one can produce when it comes to anything under the ‘graphic design umbrella’.

Elke, thank you for being such an inspiration in my life and for sharing your passion for creativity with me and my business. It is truly a joy to call you a colleague and more importantly a dear friend. In the world of ‘networking’ it doesn’t get any better than being able to promote individuals such as yourself and highlighting your accomplishes so that the world can see how truly gifted you are!

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