September 2018 - Meet My Network: Barbara Jaynes

* Meet My Network is a monthly blog series where Alyce highlights outstanding individuals within her network to share their professional and personal accomplishments * 

Like many of the great individuals who I’ve highlighted in this series, I met Barbara Jaynes through...yes you guessed it, networking! (A big thanks to Annette Shtivelband for making the introduction!)

In 2013, with  years of highly-effective and measurable accomplishments in Nonprofit Community Relations, and a strong desire to do more for charities Barbara formed her own consulting company; Positively Funded. Having successfully secured funding through grant invitations, events, donations, marketing, speaking engagements and in-kind services she knew that she had the crucial skills to help nonprofits achieve their goals.

In April of this year I had the pleasure of meeting Barbara for lunch and we immediately hit it off. She’s kind, welcoming and an incredible listener, which is one of the best skills to practice and ideally master for anyone who’s looking to become a strong connector! 

I could tell Barbara was a great listener and a real ‘Go-Giver’ because she practiced two-dimensional listening and asked very specific follow up questions to the information I shared with her. 

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By the end of the lunch Barbara had offered to introduce me to half a dozen professionals in her network whom she thought would align with my future goals. And she didn’t stop there. She not only followed through with her offer to make introductions but she also reached back out a few months after our initial lunch to reconnect. (If you’ve read any of my other blogs I’m a big believer in spending more of your networking time reconnecting than trying to build a network from scratch of total strangers.)

When we reconnected it was as if no time had passed at all and it made for a really fun, enjoyable and productive lunch conversation. In fact, I was so moved by some of Barbara’s stories with her current clients that I decided to write a different blog post sharing her advice on how to follow-up in a way that adds an emotional component. You can check that out here!

I could easily go on and on about all of Barbara’s accomplishments but I think you’ll enjoy hearing aka reading it straight from her. Enjoy learning more about Barbara! 

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#1. Why do you do what you do? Aka how do your values align with your work on a day to day basis?

What I do is a vocation. I want the world to be a better place for everyone. Positively-Funded has given me a platform to utilize my talents as a catalyst for change.


#2. Tell us a bit about your journey that has helped you get to where you're at today? 

We moved to Colorado in May 2006, from Cleveland, OH. In Cleveland, I worked on shopping center development in the inner city where I felt that I truly made a difference.  After the move I wanted to keep a career path that would continue to give back, so I took my business savvy to the nonprofit sector.


#3. How has networking, both personally and professionally helped your business and/or career?

I am a firm believer that meeting new people enriches your life and keeps you from getting boring personally and professionally. No one can ever have too many friends or too much love. 


#4. If you had to pick one networking tip, tool or strategy that's increased your confidence what would you say it is? (ie: utilizing body language, perfecting your elevator pitch, having a strong mental game, knowing the 'right people', following up etc.) 

Think of a networking event as a good book and every person that you meet is a chapter of this book. This will help you to open up and truly listen to their story.  Be sure to reach out to the best three chapters and meet with them for coffee or lunch. 


#5. What specific strategies or tactics do you utilize to maintain your various networks? 

Take a moment each month to think about who you haven't seen recently. The people that come to mind first are the ones you should reach out to. If someone has popped into my head there is a reason for this and I know it is time to reconnect and catch up.  


#6. What challenges or obstacles have you faced along the way and how have you overcome them? 

Being a mom, wife, business owner how can I do it all? You know what, you don't have to do it all. Just remember what is most important to you and focus on that first. 


#7. What are your 'secrets' to success? 

SHARE what you have and know. If it's mine it's yours. I pour myself out to others when I meet with them. Listen to others, offer your ideas, make introductions, be a giver. I promise you all that you give will come back to you multiplied.


#8. Where can people find you online or in networking situations to meet you in person?  I would love to hear from you in person please email me: barbara@positively-funded.comor call me: 303-993-7124.


#9. Anything else you’d like people to know about you, your philosophy on networking or about business in general?

The world is small and you never know where you or others will be tomorrow, be kind. 

To connect with Barbara directly click here!


Stay Connected, 


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Alyce Blum