"Mompreneur Life" - Balance is Key

Editor’s Note: Awww!

Editor’s Note: Awww!

Approximately 4 months, 3 weeks, and 8 hours ago I met the most important contact of my life, my baby girl Ruth. Becoming a mother has been a wild and joyful ride and it has already challenged me in ways I couldn’t imagine. 

One of the largest challenges has been learning how to balance my love for quality family time while continuing to build my business and service my clients.

As a ‘Mompreneur’ there are no lack of hoops to jump through to ensure that all of the things I love and am passionate about are taken care of. While I have the most supportive husband, family and friends it now takes more concentrated effort to maintain my networks than ever before.

The struggle is real.

The struggle is real.

A few weeks after Ruth was born an old friend, whom I met at my first job, reached out and asked if I would be willing to share advice for other mompreneurs who are looking to build, maintain or grow a business. Not only was I honored that she thought of me, but I took this opportunity to get my mind ‘back in game’ and ideally help others moms. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this article, A Working Mom’s Guide to Networking.

And the follow up article The Life and Goals of a Professional Coach

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Thank you Kathryn for thinking of me and proving that social media allows us to ‘network’ and keep in contact regardless of how many years its been since we last saw each other face-to-face! 

Cheers to all the Moms out there figuring out how to ‘do it all’ and much gratitude to all the Dads, partners, family members, friends and community members supporting women to be their best!


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Alyce Blum