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Networking is all about making ‘real connections’, and that means being willing to share vulnerable information about ourselves so that we create lasting, strong, relationships. However, there is a line where sharing too much information or sharing inappropriate information quickly crosses a line. 

Yesterday, while prepping for my monthly MeetUp group, #inspired5280, I received a message from someone who was planning on coming but could no longer join. Here’s what the message said and warning it’s what I call WWBB aka wowee, wowee, bing, bong, bang. 

“Good morning Alyce. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it today. You might think I'm a little wuss here. But it seems like I had a little bought of diarrhea and I won't be all that comfortable if I took any chances with it. I know I'm missing out. But maybe next time. Sorry.”

Ummm, Ok, wow. After reading this message my head literally felt like this awesome comic - 


While I appreciate that he had the decency and respect to email me that he could no longer come to the MeetUP, he shared WAY TOO MUCH inappropriate information, especially since I don’t know this person at all and we are communicating on a professional basis.  

Instead of sharing his personal health issues he could have simply sent the following, “Good Morning, Alyce. I apologize but I won’t be able to come this morning as I’m under the weather. I look forward to meeting you soon.”

Networking lesson - being vulnerable is a great way to build emotionally driven relationships, but sharing too much can also leave a bad taste in one’s mouth (to say the very least) and can make people feel unnecessarily uncomfortable. 

The next time you’re not feeling well, feel free to share that you’re under the weather and leave the other details out. Yes, we’re all human and we all poop, but those details are a ‘shitty’ way to communicate with someone you’re just starting to build a relationship with. 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and stomach pain free rest of the week!


Stay Connected, 



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Alyce Blum