How to Build a Powerful Legacy through Networking

This week I have the pleasure of speaking at DoingGood Week in Denver, CO, which is a free, week long, event aimed to support the non-profit communities of Colorado.

While preparing for my presentation it got me thinking...every time we network we have the opportunity to build upon our legacy and think beyond our own needs. Making a difference doesn’t require tons of money or even endless hours of volunteering. It does require intentionality and simple acts of kindness, which we’re all capable of doing!

While networking can be overwhelming, it’s also one of the greatest tools we can use to build upon our legacy and make positive impacts in our very own communities.

So often people are more concerned about how they’re going to benefit from a networking situation than how they might be able to help or serve someone else.

Switching our mindset to, “What Can I Give? Rather than, What’s in it for me?” is a simple, yet powerful way to alleviate the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to networking.

What would it look like if we all walked into networking situations with the goal of serving others in a way that aligned with our own values and the legacy we’re trying to create? Perhaps, it would alleviate some of the stress or anxiety we normally feel when we show up to a happy hour event or to a 1:1 coffee date.

Or possibly the people we’re networking with would not only feel supported and heard, but we would instantly be remembered in a positive and lasting way.

I want my legacy to be one that’s built on the foundations of connectivity, community, and vulnerability. For me, networking is all of those things. When I’m true to myself and have allocated enough time and energy to serve others, I find that my needs are also met.

As Brene Brown said, “Vulnerability is not about weakness. It’s about showing up and being seen.” The more vulnerable I am with myself and with others the more I’m able to serve others, serve myself and be brave enough to ask for support and let others serve me.

What do you want your legacy to be? This isn’t an easy question, but in the spirit of DoingGood Week, it’s important to take a step back and identify, how can you serve other through networking while laying the foundation for your ideal legacy?

If you’re lost, I challenge you to schedule a networking meeting, sign-up for an event or simply be intentional about what you say and how you show up the next time you’re in a social setting. Listen to what others are saying and when they share a challenge or struggle, think of a way that you can support them or at minimum listen to them without interrupting so they feel heard.

That my friend is an easy and FREE way to live in the mindset of ‘serving others’ without having to spend a single dollar.

Remember, every action we take is part of the legacy we’re creating. Infusing service to others while networking, whether in professional or personal settings is one way to continue building a legacy that you and others will be proud of!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on building a legacy through networking!

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Alyce Blum