School’s Back in Session: 3 Networking Tips to Start the School Year off with a BANG!

Whether you’re going back to school, buying someone else school supplies or you’re ready for the ‘back to school’ commercials to be over, it’s a perfect time to sharpen your networking skills with these three tips.

#1. Take Advantage of September + October:

September and October are prime months to step up your networking game. Why? Because, there are hundreds, if not, thousands of conferences and events that take place during these two months and there’s no reason why you can’t find an organization that aligns with your values and sign up for an event or two or three… Remember, you’re more likely to follow through with networking if your values align with the content of the event. Before signing up for any old event, take a few moments to make sure that the event(s) you choose enable you to feel confident and have a mindset of, “How can I serve others and make sure my needs are also met?”

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#2. Reconnect with ‘School Friends’

I encourage all of my clients to spend 70% of the time they allocate for networking, by reconnecting with people they already know, like and hopefully trust. When we reconnect, we give ourselves the gift of showing up with more confidence and spend less time going over our past accomplishments so that we can spend more time talking about future goals.

CHALLENGE ACTION ITEM: Make a list of 5 friends you met while you were in school, college, clubs etc and reachout, trust me, they’ll be so excited to hear from you!

#3. Start Planning for 2018

Before you know it, it will be December 31, 2017 and we’ll be gathered with friends and family  counting down for a new year. Take time now to think about your networking goals for 2018. Who would you like to connect with next year and how can you start building those relationships now? Perhaps, you can identify, what changes you’d like to make and create a list of action items you can begin tackling now?

Whether you want a new job, it’s time to move to a new city, or you’re ready to start your own business, take advantage of the time you have now to create a networking plan of action so you can begin living your ideal life instead of ‘doing it next year’!

I’d love to hear from you! Which of these three tips resonates with you and why? If you took action after reading this please share your success by clicking here so we can acknowledge the good work you’re doing!

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Alyce Blum