2 Ways to Effectively Network in Your Pajamas!

I say the following phrase so many times that I’m starting to feel like a parrot:

“When we show up with the mindset of, “How can I serve others? Not, What am I going to gain from this situation. We build the foundation for lasting and positive networking relationships.”

network in your pajamas.png

Networking is a symbiotic relationship where both parties involved can seek out support. However, strategic networkers know how to show up to any networking situation and shine the spotlight onto others before the conversation turns back to them.

The great news is that serving, helping and highlighting others can be done without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!

You might be wondering, “How’s that even possible?” Allow me to me share two ways you can start networking and stay in your pajamas!

#1. Talk about someone ‘behind their back’

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m encouraging you to talk about someone you respect, admire or want to refer even if it’s done’ ‘behind their back’, aka via online platforms. With the advancement of technology, there are endless ways to highlight someone else’s reputation and it’s as easy as linking someone’s name, their business (if relevant) or specific attributes of their character on a post via LInkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Think about it...word of mouth is still the #1-way people refer products and services and if you’re ready to try on the mindset of, “Serving others to build lasting relationships,” then publicly acknowledging someone online is an effective and strategic way to do so! Referring others online is an easy and extremely fulfilling way to positively promote others and enables you to become an invaluable connector.

Not sure how to start? Follow these 3 steps and you’ll be promoting others in no time:

Step 1: Think of someone you’ve recently worked with that did an outstanding job or whose work you’d like to highlight in your own network.

Step 2: Choose an online platform where you can ideally link THEIR name/business so that people in both your network and their network can see the positive things you have to say about them. Not sure how to link someone’s name on an online platform? Click here to learn!

Step 3: Be sincere and intentional. People can smell dishonesty and lack of sincerity even if it’s something they’re reading online. Take the time to really think about who you want to publicly acknowledge, intentionally think about what would make that person smile if you wrote something about them and make sure your post doesn’t have any typos, grammatical errors etc!

#2. Connect via Zoom

For those of you who’ve never heard of Zoom, think of skype, BUT it actually works, is 100% reliable and is FREE for all 1:1 video conferencing calls!

I use Zoom to connect with people on a 1:1 basis and in small group settings so that I can see them, have an ‘in person’ conversation and most importantly it enables me to be extremely thoughtful of their time and other commitments they might have.  

Time is a rare commodity and it’s something that we can never give back to someone. If you’re trying to be extra thoughtful about others and put their needs ahead of your own, I suggest you familiarize yourself with Zoom and offer it as a way to network. In doing so you’re greatly increasing your chances for the person to commit to finding a time to network with you since they can do so from the comfort of their office, their home or anywhere they want to, by simply connecting to Zoom via their smart phone.

Not to mention, you’ll never have to leave your own home/office and can stay 100% comfortable in your pajamas while networking with more people in shorter amounts of time! Click here to watch Zoom video tutorials!

Yes, you can!

The next time you want to network, remember that you can successfully do so in your pajamas by acknowledging someone online or by connecting via zoom.

Networking can and should be done consistently. Implementing these two tools into your networking game will not only allow you to become a trusted connector but will enable you to think about others needs while strategically building lasting and meaningful relationships!

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